• An Appeal

    The greatest waste of national resource is the number of people who never achieve their potential. In our country where even majority of normal children do not get the opportunity to grow to their full potential, the conditions are pathetic for disabled. They are denied even the bare minimum opportunities.

    The care & facilities in west has shown that people with intellectual disabilities can learn, can achieve and can earn. There is an urgent need of developing facilities & services for education & training of such children.

    Child`s handicap is not merely a national or social issue; it is an issue which concerns humanity & every individual. One needs not make special efforts to fight this social menace, one only needs to be aware, be concerned & be human. One can help institutions working for this cause by volunteering time, volunteering creative talent, and helping in employment of special child who has basic skill in concerned area. If one cannot do all this, one can help by donating money and by spreading awareness.

    To work for a great ideal is privilege of intelligent and to serve for a great cause is a distinction. Let us all promise to ourselves that in the years to come we will work earnestly and dedicatedly for an inspiring idea of changing disability into ability, for an honest cause and community service ideology. To help people achieve their potential value their life better is the only known way by which we can make our lives sublime, our existence rewarding, our days rich in joy, happiness and contentment.

    You can help us by:-

    • Volunteer time at school
    • Volunteer creative talent
    • Sponsor a child for a year
    • Employ differently able who has basic skill in concerned area
    • Donate for building fund
    • Help create awareness in the society and among parents regarding special needs of mentally challenged children
    • Donation to Meerut Children Welfare Trust are exempted u/s 80G Income Tax Act 1961 vide order no. 19(70) Karmukti Aa. Aa. Meerut/Aa. A TaKnee/06-07-1991 dated 17-07-2007.
    • Cheque/ Demand Draft/ Can be made in favour of Meerut Children Welfare Trust (Bank A/c Punjab National Bank Meerut, No. 2534000102002502).
    • Trust can receive donation in foreign currency (Bank A/c in Punjab National Bank, Meerut No. 2534000102544503).

    Excerpts of President`s Address on the occasion of Inauguration of Disha School of Special Education

    I salute all those who are present here and also those who are not present here but have contributed in the formation of this Institution: be it monetarily, mentally, by inspiration or in the form of good wishes I would not say ‘Thanks’ to such noble souls. That would be demeaning their good intentions. Because, the cooperation and support, I am sure were not motivated by personal gains or were not directed towards any individual, but they have done their bit as they felt propelled by their own goodness, motivated by the spirit of service to mankind. Hence instead of saying mere thanks, I pay my regards to each and every one of them for the spirit of service, for extending the helping hand to the needy. This very spirit differentiates man from other creature and elevates him to heights of most developed and the best creation of God.

    It is indeed a pleasure to see and learn that even in our times when political pressure and brute forces hang like swords over the heads of fearful men, there are people who are not totally obsessed with or absorbed in consumerism & market economy. They are undeterred in their efforts to do good to the society. This beautiful mammoth building around us here is the standing testimony to this fact. The Japan Embassy gave us sizeable amount of grant to help construct this building. Their contribution deserves special mention today. More than the financial support, it is their spirit which I appreciate most. They were always keen to discuss the outcome of the project; how many children were going to be benefited, how would it help in their development and so on. Indeed, Japanese philosophy of aid is characterized by a strong respect for autonomous development. I must also make a mention of the leading financial institution of the country, State Bank of India, for very willingly providing DISHA with a school bus. I can only say that I feel honored to be in the company of such benevolent people.

    Yes, the journey has just begun. The path is tough and long. To repeat the words of the poet: There are miles to go before I sleep Many promises to keep. I am sure that together with your continued good wishes and contribution, DISHA will be able to go on this arduous pleasant journey.