• Disha Early Intervention Clinic

    • For early detection of developmental disabilities in young children,0-6 Yrs.
    • Provides guidance, assistance and counselling to parents to help their children in achieving optimal development of their young brain.

    Disha School of Special Education

    • Provides education & Training to mild or moderately intellectually disabled (mentally challenged) children in age group of 5 to 18 years.
    • Provides all facility to fulfill special needs of such children under one roof

    Disha Life Skill Training Program

    • For intellectually disabled above 18 Years of age.
    • Teaches life skills like communication skills, team working, and sex education, skills in craft, sports, computer application, music and recreational activities as per the potential of individual child.

    Meerut Institute of Special Education

    • Provides professional training in the area of intellectual disability to those who look forward to make their career in teaching & caring of intellectually disabled

    Upcoming Projects

    Disha Life care Home

    Despite best care in childhood, mentally challenged children, throughout their life, are dependent on someone for even their day to day care. Earlier the umbrella of joint family provided them all kinds of protection for life. With breakdown of Joint Family system & fast changing social norms, biggest worry of parents of these persons is "WHAT AFTER US".

    As a solution, Life Care Centers have been developed for care of such individuals after their parents. Unfortunately majority of these centers are merely shelter homes more like Asylums. They fail in providing social, emotional & vocational support to these persons.

    Having been in the service of mentally challenged in society since 1994, Trustees of Meerut Children Welfare Trust & others, got an idea of developing a Rehabilitation & Skill Development Centre where in mentally challenged persons who are left uncared & unprotected in society after their parents, would get elderly care, attention. For this, a Rehabilitation Centre for Mentally Challenged and OLD PEOPLE together has been planned. Putting together these two segments of society will be of advantage to both of mutual emotional support and also old people shall have an activity of interest & job at hand.

    Trust, for its upcoming project “DISHA LIFE CARE HOME” has purchased a piece of land measuring 10,000 sq. yard at village BHAWANPUR, KilaPrakhshitGarh Road. The work of land development & legal formalities are in process.